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American Sign Language (“ASL”) a widely used form of sign language among the majority of the deaf community is currently being used to aid in, and create communication for the disabled and speech impaired.


Parents with children who suffer from autism, Down Syndrome and other learning disabilities have found ASL to be  extremely resourceful in increasing their abilities to communicate easier and more effectively with their children.


               See it.   Experience it.   Believe it.

With our creative, energetic DVD's you will have more fun learning American Sign Language than you ever thought you could. Enjoy our amazing ASL dictionary DVD and learn how to easily and effectively sign like a pro. Or get your fingers hopping with our NEW Progressive Finger Spelling DVD.

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ASL in Motion is one of the top acclaimed resources online for learning American Sign Language (ASL). We offer complete video lessons that work for all age groups. Our videos are created with YOU in mind.

Unlike many sign language tools ASL in Motion videos have carefully eliminated much of the unnecessary, outdated and/or less helpful information, creating a fun-filled video that gives you one-on-one training of the best and most cognitive sign language commonly used in America. 

Whether you are using our videos in your library, school, college, agency, home, or other organization, you will be provided with a hands-on tool that easily teaches any age the gift of sign language.

See it. Experience it. Believe.

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So how much does it cost?
$12.99 – $14.99 per DVD, plus shipping and handling (U.S. and international) Order Here!

Perfect for Students, Teachers, Parents, Employers, and anyone else interested in learning a new language!

Note: This video dictionary utilizes basic signs, and is a good teaching tool for Professionals, Educators, Advanced Signers and Interpreters. It is also extremely helpful for others who wants to learn, or just to brush up on their skills.

ASL Video Dictionary
Video Dictionary for Juniors

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About Us About Us...

ASL in Motion is the cooperative effort of a group of deaf individuals that have a strong desire to provide American Sign Language (ASL) in its genuine context. All of our efforts here at ASL in Motion have produced a DVD dictionary that brings to life the beauty and uniqueness of sign, adding the  additional benefit of private viewing though DVD.

What makes us unique?
Being that we are a group of deaf individuals ourselves, we have the unique benefit of being able to give you the best and most effective sign language. Our ASL sign language dictionary supports the ideal fundamentals of common speech. We offer easy to follow movements that emphasize corrective flow, inflection and sign diction,

Our dictionary is full of useful and necessary sign. Our insight into the world of ASL offers an unmatched scripting of words and phrases that correctly identify the English language and its translations into sign language.

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